McGill names Suroiwal Partner in its Treaty Reinsurance team

McGill and Partners has appointed Abhishek Suroiwal as Partner in its Treaty Reinsurance team.

Suroiwal joined McGill and Partners in 2022 as an Associate focusing on AI, data science and data engineering.

Before this, he worked as a Data Scientist at AXA UK, where he designed and developed machine learning models using modelling techniques focusing on customer segmentation, acquisition and retention.

At AXA, he also reportedly developed AI tools that optimised the company’s internal processes.

Commenting on the new role at McGill and Partners, Suroiwal said, “I joined McGill and Partners for the unique opportunity to deliver solutions for highly complex data issues and help build the company’s analytics capabilities from the ground up.

“What stood out to me was the opportunity to work alongside top talent at a new and ambitious broker, offering a refreshing take on employment policies and promotes initiative, growth, and innovation.”

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