MGA Rokstone launches free D&O Limit of Indemnity Calculator for brokers

Speciality re/insurance managing general agent (MGA) Rokstone, which is part of the Aventum Group, has launched a free Directors & Officers (D&O) Limits of Indemnity (LOI) Calculator, designed to support brokers partners.

The MGAs new tool tackles the current issue of accurately assessing appropriate limits of indemnity for D&O clients.

It has been confirmed, that the tool empowers informed decision making, and also helps brokers navigate the complexities associated with placing D&O insurance.

Rokstone has hard launched the product following positive broker trials.

In addition, the LOI calculator has been made available to all brokers for free via Rokstone’s website.

A key aspect to highlight, is that the LOI calculator reportedly changes the way that broker’s can obtain access to practical guidance that addresses the challenges they face when assessing the parameters that determine the size of limit to purchase for commercial customers, which includes ownership status, size, territorial and sectoral exposures.

Further, the calculator will help to deliver tailored solutions that align with individual business needs.

Jimmy Heaton, Rokstone’s Head of D&O, commented: “We are thrilled to offer this open access resource to brokers. It aligns with our underwriting appetite and stands as a testament to our dedication to empowering informed decision-making.”

Rokstone recently acquired a box at Lloyd’s in a three-year deal. The MGA has taken box 335, located on gallery 3, and began trading live from the 15th of April 2024.

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