Latin Re integrates risk management software, appoints reinsurance specialist

Latin Re, a Brazilian reinsurance broker, has acquired a license for the advanced risk management software RiskExplorer, developed by Ultimate Risk Solutions (URS).

This marks a milestone in the sector, establishing Latin Re as the first Brazilian reinsurance broker to directly license RiskExplorer, which is recognized for its sophisticated modeling capability, providing users with an unparalleled tool for risk analysis and management, and consequently, for reinsurance pricing.

Juliana Oliveira, Managing Director, Structured Solutions, Latin Re, commented, “We are pleased to be the first Brazilian broker in Latin America to enter into this partnership with RiskExplorer. We now have the best global expertise combined with the excellence of our local team to offer more effective solutions and create value for our clients.”

The adoption of the software reinforces the firm’s commitment to using cutting-edge technology to enhance its services, offering precise and comprehensive risk assessments to clients.

Latin Re has also announced Danielle Souza as a Reinsurance Specialist. Her background is in Actuarial Sciences and she holds a Postgraduate Degree in Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

Souza also has extensive industry experience, standing out for her expertise in modeling and contract placement, at companies like Porto Seguro, Aon Re, and Fairfax Brasil.

Souza concluded, “I am excited about the opportunity to implement a tool that provides optimization analyses of structures in automatic contracts, their volatility, and capital relief solutions, aiming to offer more robust solutions to our clients. I am confident and ready to drive positive results!”

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