Sapiens launches updated version of its reinsurance platform business

Sapiens International Corporation, a global provider of software solutions for the insurance sector, has launched its latest version of Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster.

According to the announcement, this latest version enhances operational efficiency, regulatory reporting, and strategic decision-making with robust business insights.

Sapiens confirmed that this includes: automating global inter-company retrocession, facilitating US NAIC statutory reporting (Schedule F), and real-time reinsurance allocation support.

Moreover, the latest release also offers a variety of different features, with one of them being the seamless integration of Sapiens Intelligence with Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster.

From what we understand, this integration equips users with advanced data capabilities and actionable insights through out-of-the-box reinsurance reports, as well as analytics of the reinsurance portfolio’s performance.

As well as this, the new release brings notable improvements to the user experience, which includes a revamped user interface, enhancements in processing performance through improvements and parallel processing mechanisms, along with improved scalability and operability.

Roni Al-Dor, Sapiens President & CEO, commented: “With the growing significance of reinsurance in today’s volatile environment, our latest version of Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster with Sapiens Intelligence offers even greater value to insurers and reinsurers, catering to the ever-changing demands of this dynamic market. Leveraging the shared experience from our other products as well as requirements from our global client base, the solution is now very well-positioned to support global automation of complex reinsurance programs and provide management with insights into reinsurance performance as well as statutory reporting.”

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