Whiddett to head Arch’s expanded terrorism insurance solution for UK

Arch Insurance’s UK Regional Division has announced the launch of its enhanced standalone terrorism insurance product for businesses across the UK regions, to be led by Jason Whiddett.

The expanded terrorism insurance solution includes a series of extensions and benefits available as standard, and key policy features such as prevention of access, loss of attraction, threat or hoax, and brand rehabilitation.

Coverage is now available via Arch’s new terrorism insurance portal to all areas of the UK, as well as for a wide range of companies including retail and commercial offices, property owners, social housing, hospitals, and government assets.

The insurer has added new optional extensions to the cover including Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radiological (NCBR) and terrorism liability.

Moreover, Arch has increased its policy sub-limits, while its terrorism insurance team is able to develop tailored solutions and offer flexible policy limits.

The launch follows the recent appointment of Jason Whiddett as Head of Terrorism, UK Regions.

Whiddett, who brings over two decades of experience in the UK terrorism insurance market to the role as both an underwriter and a broker, joined Arch from Angel Risk Management where he most recently served as a Terrorism Class Underwriter.

“I am delighted to be joining Arch at a point where we are introducing a new level of terrorism insurance cover to the UK SME market. We have designed the policy to be as clear as possible, so customers have a full understanding of the scope of coverage,” said Whiddett.

Adding: “Further, our new terrorism portal provides our brokers with a highly efficient and effective means of securing cover while still being able to access our experienced underwriters for more complex coverage requirements.”

Mike Bottle, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Distribution, UK Regional Division, stated: “This week’s announcement forms part of our ongoing work to offer specialty insurance solutions to the UK regions. As Head of Terrorism for UK Regions, our brokers have access to Jason’s extensive knowledge of the UK terrorism insurance market, while by making our expanded coverage available via our new portal we are enabling them to trade the way they want to trade – either digitally or with our empowered underwriters.”

Arch’s new portal is a digital placement facility that enables brokers to generate quotations based on a concise series of questions within minutes and instantly bind the risk.

The system is supported by an experienced digital underwriting team available to ensure a seamless process for more complex risks.

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